A Complete List of What You’ll
Need to Own Backyard Chickens

Squawky ChickenOn our Facebook page (and in virtually all backyard chicken groups as well), people are constantly looking for a “list of what I need” to have backyard chickens. There are two very different lists; one for hatching chickens and baby chicks, and a complete separate list for adult (or “laying”) chickens! On this page, we’ll focus on the adult chickens. For those of you looking for a list of what you’ll need to hatch or have baby chicks, we recommend viewing this info on BackyardFarm.com.

In this section we’ll fill you in on the supplies you’ll need and what to do just before your chickens arrive home or, if you have baby chicks, before they make their transition to “outside”.

Chickens on Ramp

What You’ll Need