In addition to normal chicken feed, poultry love treats — especially table scraps! As backyard chicken raisers, we love to treat our girls – especially as temperatures warm up and the flock spends more time outside. But it’s not really the treats that make the flock come running, it’s the attention. Chickens will come running for complete feed, just as they would for treats. Chickens have fewer than 350 taste buds compared to humans’ 10,000. Still, treats and foraging can be fun pastimes for the flock.

Treats like scraps, scratch grains and mealworms are like candy for chickens, which can quickly spoil their diet. The best treats for chickens are natural, healthy and wholesome. Below are some examples of what is safe to feed chickens.

Foods That Chickens Can Safety Eat
Foods That Chickens Can Safety Eat (2)

Safe Foods for Chickens