Our Story

Clif + Amy Castleman

As the founders of Happy Morning Farm, Amy and Clif Castleman strongly believe in the value of local agriculture and the positive impact that family-owned farms have in our communities. They’re also committed advocates for animal welfare. That’s why our chickens have the freedom to roam around outside, under blue skies.

Every single one of our eggs, whether they’re pasture raised or free range, comes from a chicken that gets to live her best life, because at Happy Morning Farm, we simply believe that healthy chickens lay delicious eggs. Oh, and we now have Quail, too!

Our Eggs

Chicken Eggs

Happy, healthy, free-ranging chickens means delicious and healthier eggs than what you get in the grocery store! Get to know our eggs and learn more by clicking below!

Our little backyard farm is located in Loudoun County, Virginia and supports a number of local families and even coffee shops with local, farm-to-table eggs! 

Raising Chickens

Our chickens spend their time outside under blue skies because that gives them the freedom to just be chickens. Learn more about chicken behavior and how we keep them healthy!

Happy Morning Farm