Building a Chicken First Aid Kit

My Chicken First Aid Kit ( for inevitable chicken injuries is important, and is luckily easily done. Below, we will give some demonstrations of what we recommend in a Chicken First Aid Kit, comprised by Amy, who used to be a veterinary technician for many years; and Clif, who used to be a practicing paramedic and now teaches wilderness and emergency medicine full time. After that is a great infographic about how to examine a sick chicken; and then we’ll get into some of the basics of Chicken First Aid!

Here are some suggestions for a BASIC Kit:

1.  A Fresh, Clean Towel
2.  Trauma Shears
3.  Tweezers
4.  Aspirin
5.  Tongue Depressors
6.  Gauze Pads
7.  Vet-Wrap
8.  Triple-Antibiotic Ointment
9.  Cotton Q-Tips
10.  Epsom Salt
11.  Preparation H Cream
12.  Cornstarch
13.  Sterile Saline / Eye Wash Solution
14.  Small LED Flashlight
15.  Disposable Non-Latex Gloves
16.  Irrigation Syringe (w/ tip)
17.  Eye Dropper
18.  Poultry Cell Mineral Supplements
19.  CORID (Amprolium 9.6%)
20.  VetRx Poultry Aid

Backyard Chicken First Aid Kit

My Chicken First Aid Kit

Chicken First Aid Kits